What are Frogzskin's?

Frogzskin's are a peel and stick adhesive mesh application. Our product allows air to flow through our patented mesh liner, so the interior components of your machine stay running cool enough. With Frogzskin's on your machines, you can rest assured any water, dirt, debris, etc., will stay out of your ventilation systems. We build our products with the purpose of helping yours run smoother and cooler.

How do I apply my Frogzskin after receiving it?

Our products are incredibly easy to install. Simply follow these instructions below.

1. Clean and prep your application surface (Tip: make sure your application surface is at room temperature and wiped down prior to installation)

2. Peel the white adhesive covering off the backside of your Frogzskin product

3. Place the Frogzskin onto your application surface with the adhesive side down (Tip: Ensure your Frogzskin is properly aligned with corresponding vent opening for best results)

4. Press down on the outer edges of the applied Frogzskin to aid in adhesion

What if there isn't a product for my desired placement?

While we are proud to have over 200 products for various makes and models of machines and technology, we are constantly researching and developing more shapes and kits for our customers.

If there is a custom fit that you would like to get a product made specifically for, please get in contact with us on our "Contact Us" page.